Thursday, January 10, 2013

Straight Lines

Hallelujah! The engines of the universe are humming along, and the sun is slowly returning to the Pacific Northwest. 

Which means that my daily walks with Ranger, which have been an after-dark activity for the past few months, are gradually transitioning back to daylight hours.

{I should mention that on school days, Ranger and I are locked into a schedule of walking after 4 p.m. There are three big schools within a mile of our home, and we like to wait till all the kids have made their way home before we wander out. With that gigantically long leash of ours, it can be tricky to walk through packs of young'uns without lassoing every last one of them, and that is generally frowned upon in this community. Go figure.}

So. Now that there's a bit of light in the sky, I can return to my favorite amusement of taking photos during our walk. Yay!

For today's challenge, I was looking for lines. Straight lines. Man-made lines. But still, interesting lines. Here is what I found.

That last pic features a bonus shot of Ranger, who is seen waiting somewhat patiently as I stopped to get the pic of the brick and mortar lines at the high school. He is surprisingly tolerant of these little photo ops of mine; he's not fond of pausing in his quest of delicious scents, but he has learned to be patient with me. 

Bless his furry Irish soul.

By the end of our walk, we were running out of daylight, but I had one last idea for a great line shot. On my front porch is a window fitted with wooden blinds that are normally closed. But today they just happened to be open, and I wanted to get a photo of the interior of my house, looking through the lines of those blinds. 

As you can see, I managed to do that and catch a surprise reflective self-portrait at the same time. 

Which goes to show that there's no place like home. And I'm not just handing you a line.

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