Monday, January 28, 2013

Heard It Through The Grapevine

Have you heard about Vine? It's Twitter's new app, launched just last week, that allows you to record and post six-second videos that play in a looped format in an Instagram-style phone app. It's a cute, easy and fun addition to the social media landscape

{Although I see in today's news that Vine is currently dealing with a bit of a porn problem. Ha. Raise your hand if you saw that coming. Yeah, me too.}

Well, other than that, Vine is an interesting spin on this new millennial habit of capturing and sharing the details of our lives with the whole wide world. Already, my mind races with the possibilities of what I might record and post: snowflakes falling onto a mittened hand, rocks thrown in a still pond, pets doing all manner of adorable things. Then there's the possibility for stop motion films - Vine's in-app video camera lends itself very well to filming in small segments, so it's possible to capture a stack of dishes magically loading themselves into the dishwasher, or a pile of LEGOs assembling themselves into a tower. My brain is boggled by all the possibilities.

And while, as of this moment, I've posted just one video on Vine, I have preserved a few Vine-like moments over the past few years that have been languishing in the Video section of my Facebook photo albums. In the interest of welcoming Vine into our world, allow me to share a few of my older captures here:

I'm so inspired and excited to start filming! Find me on Vine as DianeAgain and let the fun begin.

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