Saturday, December 8, 2012

Emily and Shane's Delicious Home

What a fun morning I had, eating a yummy brunch and admiring the adorable newlywed home of my friend, Emily. Based on what I know of her personal style - not to mention her darling wedding - I knew I was in for a treat, and I was not disappointed.

This apartment is a real find. Tucked in a little alleyway, just a half block off Main Street in the charming town of Edmonds, the second story flat is full of huge windows and bathed in light. Built in the 1960s but still in mint condition, the sweet midcentury setting is a perfect showcase for Emily and Shane's retro aesthetic.

Every piece of furniture and accessory has a story to tell. Whether it's the Craigslisted armchairs, the  hand-sewn throw pillows or the fantastically classic vintage coffee table casually donated to the couple by Emily's father-in-law, whispers of the past infuse character and history into the room.

The green walls emphasize the warm, woodsy colors of the decor, and echo the forest vibe of Emily's wedding. All in all, the elements of this room come together in such a way that makes me feel like I've stepped into a woodland fairy tale.

A handmade Advent calendar, and antique shutters that just happen to fit perfectly at these windows. Serendipity.

A sweet Christmas vignette featuring Emily and Shane's wedding cake toppers.

Even the baubles on the Christmas tree are vintage. 

Directly behind me is the doorway to the kitchen and dining area.

In true 1950s Betty Crocker fashion, this room is the heart of Emily and Shane's home. All that glorious sunshine bounces off the bright yellow walls, infusing the room with infinite cheer. While the living room is gentle and serene, this space is happy and energetic.

Adorable vintage dining table, with original set of chairs. 

Notice the beautiful cut paper snowflakes? No wonder I felt quite at home. 

This lovely cut section of tree trunk was used to display the cake at Emily's wedding. What a clever way to put sweet memories to work in everyday life. 

Fiestaware. Love.

A built-in cupboard full of Anthropologie dishes, bright knick-knacks, and books - design books, cookbooks, and other volumes to inspire creativity.

Feast your eyes on the original mid-century cupboards and appliances, set off by Emily's perfectly chosen and styled accessories. Don't you just want to whip up a crumb cake?! I do.

Check out the Formica countertops, still in immaculate condition. 

And look what I found waiting for me, fresh from the oven and ready to eat. Cranberry and orange muffins, to enjoy with tea and eggnog, as well as a few other treats. A perfect meal to capture the light, fresh and delicious vibe of Emily and Shane's home. 

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