Friday, December 14, 2012

Christmas Workshop

Today, my art class was transformed into a Christmas workshop. Each of my student's families brought supplies for a festive tree ornament - enough so that each student in the class - plus their teacher - could make one.

That's right. I love making ornaments too.

At the beginning of class, each group of siblings gave a little presentation, explaining the construction how-to's for their project. Once all the instructions had been given, we stood up and went to work, just like a team of professional Christmas elves in Santa's workshop.

And here are the fabulous ornaments we created.

Pre-cut felt shapes strung on wire and finished with a ribbon bow and a bell.
Paper bird with fan-folded origami paper wings.
Six 11 x 1-inch strips of paper, glued into two long ribbons of three strips each, then accordion folded and glued end to end, to form a circle.
Glass heart-shaped ornament coated on the inside with a glue mixture, and then filled with just enough glitter to cover the inner surface of the glass.
Wooden star ornament pre-painted gold and collaged with strips of torn tissue and accented with sequins. 

When we were all done with our ornaments and plumb tuckered out from our workshop duties, one of the families had a last and most welcome surprise for us all:

Yum. I love being an art teacher. And I think I could get used to being a full-time Christmas elf.

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