Saturday, November 17, 2012

Friday Night Comforts

On any given Friday night, you are bound to find Ranger and me spending some quality time together on the couch. Usually, we wait till it's quite late before we settle down, when everyone else has moved on and we can have the space all to ourselves.

Last night was no exception. It was after midnight before we settled down with a Dreyer's Drumstick milkshake to watch some Doctor Who.

Well. I had the milkshake all to myself, as Ranger doesn't eat human food. But he didn't seem to mind.

And I don't exactly know Ranger's opinions about Doctor Who, but as usual, he closed his eyes as I watched it. It was a David Tennant episode, featuring Moaning Myrtle as a character named Ursula who gets eaten alive by a creepy green fat guy. It was kinda scary but he didn't seem to mind that, either.

But as usual, while I am eating and watching, Ranger is in charge of making sure we are both comfortable. When my feet are cold, he curls up close and lies right on top of them, cozy and warm. When we both start to get a little cramped and crowded, he moves down to the far end of the couch and gives us both plenty of room to stretch out. He is not a fan of blankets, but he seems to understand that I often need some extra warmth. As long as I make sure it doesn't touch him, he is quite content to allow me my comforts.

And that, in a word, is what our late Friday nights are all about. Comfort. And trust me, no one knows comfort better than Ranger.

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