Saturday, October 27, 2012

I'm On Top Of The World

On Wednesday, I took every single thing out of my lovely but slightly untamed closet.

On Thursday, I patched and spackled and washed and prepped and taped off every surface in sight.

Today, on Friday, I put two coats of paint on the walls. Bleached Linen by Behr.
Also, I put two coats of varnish on the wood. Valspar Polyurethane in Satin.
As all of that lovely freshness was drying tonight, I sorted through all the heaps of clothes and such that came out of the closet, refolding and organizing what will be kept, and getting rid of a few odds and ends.

This is not a glamorous job. But cleaning out a big closet from top to bottom is one of the most rewarding accomplishments known to mankind. I feel like I just summited Mount Everest.

What will I do for an encore?

On Saturday, I will rip out the old carpeting on the closet floor, and start the process of painting my subfloors.

Don't even ask about Sunday.


  1. Here via the Malaysian Reader.

    I love your snapshots. A mediocre photographer, I always admired those gifted with perspective.

    Thank you for sharing.

    1. Thank you! I'm glad if you enjoy my shots...I always have fun taking them!


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