Friday, October 26, 2012

Better Days Ahead

After my two-week adventure to distant American lands, I've been settling back into my routines at home in the Pacific Northwest. Fall is still blazing here, and I'm enjoying the sights and smells of this strangely beautiful time of year. 

{By the way, if you have not experienced a fall season first-hand, you should know that fall is as much a smell as it is a sight. There is a sweet scent to the air - light, delicate and natural - that brings back many a memory from falls gone by. It's one aspect of this season that I often forget from year to year, and am pleasantly surprised to experience it anew when autumn rolls around again.}

But even though I've been home for four days now, I'm still feeling out of sorts. After focusing my energy on other people's schedules and needs during my time away, it feels odd to be back in my own life. 

Yesterday, I was pondering this strange sensation and wondering how long it would last before I felt normal again, when I looked out the window and found this lovely treat.

Yep, it's a double rainbow. And to my Christian way of seeing the world, it's also a lovely promise that better days surely lie ahead. 

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