Wednesday, August 22, 2012

You Be The Judge; I'm Too Tired To Think

The last day of a road trip is always brutal. Today we hauled ourselves home from Sacramento, California; not the longest distance I've covered in one day but we were tenacious. Other than a quick stop in Redding for our last round of Double-Doubles at the northernmost In-N-Out, and mandatory refueling and restroom breaks, we drove nonstop.

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In order to preserve our sanity, and to appreciate the gorgeous scenery as it whizzed by my speeding bullet of a car, we snapped a lot of photos. Despite the fact that the camera was hurtling past the subject at upwards of 70 m.p.h., I managed to get a few really decent shots and happily Instagrammed them right away. So satisfying.

But at the end of the day, I found myself at home with a camera roll full of dozens of somewhat interesting photos of highly questionable quality. In my current mindset of road weariness and unconditional surrender to forces beyond my control, I decided to play around with a few of these funky photos to see what I might create. The results are for you to judge; I can only say I had fun making them.

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