Saturday, August 11, 2012

Mid-Summer Loose Ends: Part 3

See that fabric? I love it. Last year at Christmastime, I was wandering around in a fabric store, looking for something totally unrelated to grey-and-white geometric fabric. And yet there it was. Ever since I saw it, I have not been able to get it out of my mind. 

Obviously, I wanted an excuse to buy it. I'll be honest about that. And since I am kinda pro at rationalizing things that I want to buy, I came up with a great idea. 

This print reminded me of the art work in my laundry room, and clearly would be a perfect fit. But what could I do with fabric in that room? Ha. The narrow bookcase that I use to store supplies gave me the perfect idea. Why not use the fabric to spunk up the back panel of the bookcase, kinda like this?

Eddie Ross

So for the past seven months, I've been dreaming about that fabric and mulling over this idea. Finally, this week, I decided it was time to act. One quick trip to the store and $11 later, I was the proud owner of one yard of my coveted print.

My original plan was to removed the backboard of the bookcase, wrap it in the cloth, and then tack the backing back into place. But when I actually went to implement that plan today, I realized there were about ten billion nails quite determinedly holding the backboard into place. Frankly, I didn't want to fight with them.

So I improvised by cutting cardboard panels to fit in front of the backboard, behind the removable shelves. My bookcase has one fixed shelf in the center, so technically, I had to cut two cardboard panels, wrap them in the fabric and slide them into place. It wasn't that hard.

{I should mention the giant spider who was living on this sheet of cardboard in the garage. I flicked him off, and the next thing I knew, he was marching up my arm. Not cool, Mr Spider, NOT COOL.}

I measured twice and cut once; both panels fit like a dream. So proud of myself for being diligent.

Half a year's worth of anticipation, resolved in a two-hour project. How satisfying is that?!

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