Thursday, July 26, 2012

Merey, Jurie, and Juwe

In the Christian world, we are often gently chided to open ourselves to all people. Too often, we are told, we fill our lives only with friends who look, think, talk and act like ourselves. We are encouraged to loosen up, take a chance, and dare to step outside our comfort zones to see who we might find beyond our own little bubbles of comformity.

Yesterday, when I saw this photo of three friends very near and dear to my heart, I smiled to myself. Thank you, Merey, Jurie, and Juwe, for bringing lots of lovely nonconformity into my life. 


  1. when i saw this photo, i smiled to myself too

    1. It's so funny, isn't it. Each face is just perfect. :)

    2. P.S. You are not in the photo, Spidey, but you give me lovely nonconformity too. Thanks for that.

  2. old fren.. Nice paranomal...


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