Saturday, July 21, 2012

Beauty Is Always Out There

When my brain is feeling restlessly creative, I know exactly what to do. I head on over to my local home improvement store, Home Depot, and wander the aisles for inspiration.

This process started as a defense mechanism. Tagging along on many long, drawn-out family trips to the Depot when my daughters were young, I was often pressed to find ways to amuse them. As I searched around in desperation for something to look at and talk about , I slowly came to realize that building materials have a special kind of beauty.

Now I think of home improvement stores as artistic treasure troves of interesting colors, textures and materials. Items like wire mesh, globe lights, fiberboard sheeting, and metal washers have inspired me in the past, and now live in my home and mostly in my garden as sculpture. This week, I've been experimenting with a new piece that may or may not involve pouring concrete. Time will tell.

But it just goes to show that Home Depot is like every other part of this world. If you are willing to look for it, beauty is always out there


  1. Well I will certainly see things differently on my next trip to Home Depot. :)

    1. Just in case your imagination needs a boost, I wil post some of my finished projects soon. But something tells me you will be able to see it for yourself just fine.


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