Saturday, March 31, 2012

Colorful Consolation

On any given Friday during the ski season, there is only one place I want to be and that's Stevens Pass. But today, I was asked by my homesick third-born to cancel my trip and spend the day with her. Sigh. I did the right thing and stayed home, but while I waited for her to finish up her last class of the day, I decided that I needed some sort of compensatory adventure. 

Sorting through my mental list of interesting possibilities, I remembered that my friend, Amanda, had recently invited me to check out an outdoor art installation by Suzanne Tidwell in Redmond. While I had been forced to cancel our original plan, due to the wicked virus that ruined two weeks of my life in February, and had not yet rescheduled, I knew this trip would be the perfect remedy to my Friday blues. 

So off I drove, through wind, rain and a little bit of hail, to check out the tree socks.

Wow. I was not disappointed! The scope, scale and phenomenal color of this art...well, it knocked my socks off. 

As I wandered among these trees, questions jumped into my brain. How many people helped to do all this knitting? How many hours and how much yarn did it take? How did they get the socks to fit so perfectly on the trees? What will happen to the socks when the installation is taken down? What do the local birds and bunnies think about this transformation of their woodland home?

Honestly, none of that matters. Just feast your eyes, as I did, on these amazing colors and vibrant stripes. 

 What a lovely consolation for my Friday in the lowlands.

P.S. Amanda, sorry for ditching you. But I'll gladly go back with you, any time you like!


  1. This is so cool!!! Little tree sweaters :)

    1. The artist calls them 'socks' but I think you are right...they look much more like cozy little sweaters. SO cute.

  2. Jen, your post went AWOL it is from gmail:

    "This makes me giddy! Thanks for sharing these photos. I must go and visit in person. Do you know how long this installation will be there? I wonder if the trees feel more cozy with those lovely socks. I imagine they are super content. I would be."

    I found out that the trees will be wearing their cozy outfits until June 3. You've got plenty of time.


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