Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Walks In The Sun

daily fact of my life here in India is that I do quite a bit of walking about the neighborhood. 

Which I totally love. 

Even with daily temperatures soaring well above 100 F, there are plenty of shady spots along my way to keep me from heat stroke, and the interesting sights and scenes keep me endlessly entertained. 

^ The houses are posh. Not even kidding. Reportedly, many regional politicians and Tollywood movie stars live nearby 

And in case you were not aware, Tollywood movies are Bollywood-style productions voiced in the local language of Telegu. I had no idea. 

^ Another clear sign of opulence and luxury: landscaped yards. I am obsessed by tropical plants. 

^ These overarching locust trees are too gorgeous. The orange fruit is visually enticing, and I make it a point to stomp on every crunchy dried pod that I can find on the street below. 

^ Four sweet pots in a row. Too cute. 

^ The there's this cool old car, parked on a side street upon this carpet of spent yellow blossoms. 

Yes, that's litter scattered all over the street. This is India. 

^ Love everything about this glam entry way. But that green and white striped two-story awning billowing in the breeze? To die for. 

^ And this hand-painted design on the wall, punctuated with quirky potted plants? Also dying. 

^ As I hike up the last hill, just before Joy Home comes into view, this vine loaded with cheerful yellow clusters welcomes me back and celebrates my victory over the brutal heat.

Which is a lovely way to end my walks in the sun. 

* * * * *

Here is the full story of my trip to Hyderabad, India and my visit with the Indian Princesses:

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