Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Patio Pets

Finally, after several days of champing at the bit as wet weather kept my hands idle, the clouds parted, the sun came out, and I got my spring garden clean-up on.

I'll be honest. I didn't exactly plow the back forty. Taking on just one small section of my backyard jungle, I set my sights on a short to-do list:
  1. Sweep and wash the back steps.
  2. Wash the back door windows.
  3. Wash the two green benches.
  4. Wash the pots.
  5. Repot the herbs.
  6. Plant my new blue hyacinth in the orange pot.
  7. Weed out the tomato and strawberry bed.
  8. Weed out the daffodil patch.
  9. Plant my new daffodills.
  10. Sweep the adjacent areas of the patio.

(I like to write out my chores in excruciating detail. That way, I have lots of accomplishments to check off.)

After just an hour of quality time with my buckets, brooms, and potting soil, my designated improvement zone was tamed, and my sense of satisfaction was through the roof. So I pulled out my camera to capture the newly serene scene.

 ^ Within the first few frames, I noticed a black blur at the far end of my shot and stopped shooting to investigate.

^ Oh hay, Luna. Yep, I'm working outside today.

What's that? You want to add some interest and feline gorgeousness to my garden photos? Ooh, yes. By all means, let's do it.

^ Just as Luna and I were wrapping up the photo session, a certain red mister came bursting through the back door.

Interestingly, unusually, delightfully, Ranger had been on a little outing without me. My fourth-born took him down to the beach for his afternoon exercise, and I had stayed home to garden. We had been apart for maybe ninety minutes, my toddler-dog and I, and for us, that is a significant separation.

So upon his return, Ranger had sought me out and found me outside, taking pictures with a cat.

Of all things!!

Immediately, and seemingly intentionally, my earnest pup inserted himself into the action and began to pose alongside Luna, who took the whole turn of events calmly in stride.

And I'll be darned if those two don't make a perfect pair of patio pets.

* * * * *

The story of my gardening season:

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