Tuesday, October 8, 2013

The Gods Must Be Crazy

Here's a lesson I learned today: when the thrift-store gods of cool castoffs decide it's your day, there is no limit to what they will put in your path.

When I headed out to make the rounds of my local thrift stores this morning, I wasn't really looking to buy much. I was simply looking for a few glass bowls to use for a project next weekend. But you know, once you're in the store, it never hurts to look around. And since I will be putting my office bookshelves back together soon, I had an eye out for any interesting tidbits that might spice up that space. 

But honestly, my expectations were dialed way back.

Which, it seems, is just the sort of situation that kicks the gods into high gear.

Because I found some fun stuff.

^ The animals are gonna get painted. Well, first, I'm going to rip out the owl's left eye, to match the empty socket on his right side. Sorry, dude, that's just how it has to be. Then I'm going to cover each one of them in a fresh coat of brightness - the little bird is definitely going to be turquoise, to replace a kindred spirit who was recently broken. And the owl...well, he just needs to get over those flame-colored feathers. Anything will be an improvement.

As for the books, I'm always a fan of books about places. And I'm making an effort to attract a few more horizontally-oriented oversize volumes to mix and mingle with my mostly-standard-sized book collection. These slim, stackable cuties threw themselves at me today, and they are just what I had in mind.

^ The glass containers are destined to become planters. I've searched for suitable containers on several thrift-store sweeps in the past, to no avail. Today, perfect specimens were raining down on me, and now I'm totally prepared for next weekend's DIY bash. 

As for the elephant, yes. I'm always a fan of elephants, and this guy is so cute that I may spare him the fate of spray paint. Oh, that curving trunk and expressive ears. Love him.

Candle holder from Cost Plus World Market? Yes.

Brand new red candle? Of course.

Old hardcover book with a bright yellow binding, entitled, Mystery Walks the Campus? No one in their right mind would turn down a gem like that. 

^ Basic wicker basket for the new jumbo houseplant I found at IKEA last week. I spent the weekend considering the ceramic alternatives at Home Depot, all of which were about ten times the price of this no-frills number. And honestly, this rustic version is way more my style. Win.

^ Mr Orange Retro Vase had me at hello. That purchase was a no-brainer.

Turquoise books? True confessions. I bought them for the color of their covers. But whatever. Twain and Frey are legends, albeit for completely different reasons. And Meg Cabot's work is a bit too girly for me, but that adorable red font won me over. 

^ This geometric metal sculpture is my favorite find of the day. Technically, it wasn't thrifted - I found it at Hobby Lobby for 50% off, which is every bit as much of a bargain. And I am insanely in love with its lines and angles and open spaces. In a weird way, it reminds me of the geometry I've been teaching in my trigonometry class, and when I look at it, my brain automatically works through the two proofs of the Pythagorean Theorem. 

Now I'll be the first to admit that that's weird. But it's also pretty cool. So happy this inspiring creation fell into my life.

* * * * * 

So thank you, you crazy generous gods of second-hand shelf decor, for showering me with riches today. I'm surprised beyond words. 

Now if you could just speak to the people in charge of drying times, and get the polyurethane finish to harden up so I can carry on with the fun job of reloading and restyling my bookcases, I'd be forever grateful.

* * * * *

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