Wednesday, August 7, 2013


I love Instagram, and I especially adore a good weekend hashtag project. When the weekly theme hits my feed on Friday afternoons, I am usually excited and motivated to take it on.

But let's be honest. Between Friday afternoon and Sunday evening, when the photos are due to be posted, I occasionally come up short. I may have run out of time, energy, or good ideas, but the fact remains that I sometimes have nothing to post.

Alas. Such is life.

However, I've also noticed that often times, a perfect photo to suit the challenge will pop up in my life just a day or two after the deadline. I know, I know...I'm still a day late and a dollar short. But even so, I feel a surprising amount of satisfaction from the process, and that's alright with me.

It happened again this week. The featured project was #WHPreflectagram, and the object was to capture photos with interesting reflections. I came up empty-handed on Sunday evening, but today - Tuesday - while enjoying the baby jaguars at the zoo with a crowd of fellow onlookers, the perfect opportunity arose.

So there you go, Instagram. Have one last submission to last weekend's project on me. And just remember...better late than never.

* * * * *

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