Saturday, August 31, 2013

Super Succulents: In A Bowl

There are a lot of great things about getting older in this life, but one of my favorites has to do with trends. Because here's the truth: after the first three decades of my life, most every "new" fashion, style or hip thing that has come along is more or less a rehash of something I've already experienced. 

Except for maybe skinny jeans. 
And lip piercings.

But you get my drift. Everything old eventually becomes new again.

And a perfect example of that phenomenon is succulents. In the past year or so, homemakers all over the internet have fallen in love with these cute, easy-to-tend, ridiculously picturesque house plants. They are definitely a hot new thing.

I'm all for that trend. It's just that I've had my own collection of succulents since I was a teenager, and my grandmother's house was full of of them for as long as I can remember. I used to stare at her little cacti, thinking they were much too cute to actually hurt me, and then I would slowly, gently reach out and touch their bristles. Ouch! 

Anyway, I embrace the Great Succulent Craze of 2013, and I've happily added a few new fellows to my collection. Welcome to the family, guys!

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wooden bowl | target
end table | target hack
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