Tuesday, April 2, 2013

A Major Overhaul

I didn't come to Malaysia to sleep in a five-star hotel, eat western food, or hang out at tourist spots with all the white folks on holiday.

I came here to visit my Malaysian friends, to see how they actually live their lives, and to share in that life as naturally and authentically as possible.

So when things get real, I love it.

Take last Sunday, for example.

My host is expecting a new baby in a few weeks, and he decided it was time to do some house cleaning. Not just a quick vacuum and dusting session, but a deep, thorough scrub-down and sort-out of the whole house. As he put it, a major overhaul.

Well. Heaven knows I love that sort of thing. So I rolled up my sleeves, grabbed a rag, and jumped in to my first Malaysian cleaning session.

It was delightfully hard core. We moved around the furniture, vacuumed under the beds, washed all the curtains, emptied the closets, and sorted stacks of baby clothes. It was just like my cleaning projects at home, only a lot hotter.

At the end of the day, when the last bag of trash was carried out and the freshly mopped floors had dried, I was swept away with the same feelings of satisfaction and contentment that come from my American housekeeping adventures..

Which goes to show that, like love, peace, and brotherhood, a clean house transcends cultural differences. Major overhauls speak a language that we can all understand

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