Monday, November 5, 2012

Pumpkins, Acorns, And A Leaf

Here is one thing about me: I like to ease into the changing seasons and upcoming holidays.

Some people enthusiastically flow from one celebration to the next, setting up pumpkins on September first, bringing out the Christmas decorations on the day after Thanksgiving, and dreaming of summer by the middle of February.

By nature, I tend to gear up for special events on a slower timetable. For example, just yesterday I finally got around to injecting some autumn love to the table top by my front door. 

The gilded pumpkins we made a few weeks back - we bought these sweet small pumpkins and painted them with metallic acrylic paint. I like how the humble little stems are left unpainted.

Last week, I was wandering around a thrift store, looking at picture frames, when I came upon this little square charmer. It was still bearing an IKEA label, which made me love it right away. Also, the perfect square shape put me in the mind of Instagram, and my brain immediately thought it would be a fun way to display tiny square print versions of some of my Instagrams. To kick things off, I slipped in this photo of a leaf from the oak trees in my brother's Michigan backyard.

The handful of acorns also came from my brother's trees. When I was growing up the the woods of my home state, I played with acorns like these every day. It's nice to see their distinctive shape here in my Washington home, and I am glad to see their warm colors and friendly faces whenever I walk by.

Many corners of my world are starting to fill in with signs of Christmas - Target has seasonal decor galore, my church is recruiting singers for a Christmas choir, and Starbucks has broken out the peppermint mochas and cutesy red holiday cups.

But in my home, two painted pumpkins, a leaf photo, and a handful of acorns have just taken center stage, and I plan to enjoy these tokens of autumn for quite a few more weeks.

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  1. Gorgeous gilded pumpkins. I did think 'are they gold?' and then of course I read your words....just gorgeous.

    Nina x

    1. Thanks! And they are so fun to make...the paint glides on, rich and smooth. You should definitely try them!

  2. Love your Fall decorations. I was wondering what you were going to do with those acorns! -JW

    1. Haha I had no idea what I was going to do with them, either. I just knew they were cute, and I figured something would occur to me.

  3. Found in my email from Tabiboo:

    "Gorgeous gilded pumpkins. I did think 'are they gold?' and then of course I read your words....just gorgeous."

    Thanks, Tabiboo! I think the natural stems make them look very convincing as 'real' gold pumpkins and that is part of their charm.


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