Friday, July 6, 2012

Solutions: Stage One

Photos are in and I'm ready for the final update on my garden problems. Here are some before-and-afters of my one-day assault on these challenged areas. First up is my overgrown, arbor-crushing honeysuckle. In the before shot, its massive green growth fills the frame, and in the after photo, it is just plain gone. Yep, sometimes in the gardening world you have to stand strong and show these plants who's boss. 

And here is the new and improved view of the arbor slash heron's nest. I know, it looks a little sparse at the moment, doesn't it. But I have great faith in this sturdy vine, and I predict that within a few weeks, this scene will be considerably more lush.

So there you have it - two problems solved. But of course, this is not the end. These two changes only open the door to new possibilities, and I'm already strategizing about my next steps might be to improving upon what I've started. Operation Arbor Improvement has successfully cleared Stage One but certainly, there is more to come.

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