Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Delicious Memories

Wanna see something really, really cute?

These are some of my darling little students with their year-end history projects.

Sandwiches with flags from all around the world.
Rubik's cubes made of pineapple, watermelon and kiwi.
A layer cake with fondant flags, and a cute little photo bomber.
A pasta salad, representing the variety of noodles from different cultures.
She prefers to remain a mystery. Such a character.
Canary melon, commonly grown in Asia.
Itty bitty banana cupcakes.
Did you know that bananas are grown on five of the world's continents?
Hummus, black olives and pita chips, representing for the Middle East.

These clever learners totally understand the power of food in their lessons. Even though I gave them the option to bring in any kind of special project, as long as it related to something we learned in history this year, they all chose food.

Well. With one exception. My sandwich boy also brought in a LEGO model of the 1989 massacre at China's Tiananmen Square. But this is a kid who would probably rather play with LEGOs than eat, so you have to take that into consideration.

All in all, we had a great time in class today. Each student stood up and told us about their food and how it related to our history lessons; we drew some kooky pictures for our notes and asked questions about how each dish was prepared. Then when all was said and done, we pulled out our plates and started eating. History can be quite delicious.

So proud of my students for their passion, their creativity, their interest in the world all around them, past and present. And I'm so impressed at how well they have learned the power of tasty teaching.

P.S. Since the school year is quickly winding down, some of my families are so kind as to give me thank-you gifts. And I couldn't help but notice how food makes the perfect gift as well a teaching tool. Here are a few of the tasty tokens of appreciation I received.

A sweet vanilla-scented candle and Spanish dipping oil.
I predict I will be eating tapas in the near future.
A basket full of fruit - mango, dried apples and bananas, green grapes and blueberries -
as well as my highly-coveted journals from Target
Well, I won't eat these fabulous red Gerbera daisies
but they are definitely a feast for my eyes.

It's been a sweet year - thanks to all my students and their families for some delicious memories.


  1. Year-end food projects - does it get any better?!

    1. Remember when Lily and Tessa made the Hawaiian palace put of fruit? Good, good times.


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