Sunday, June 17, 2012

Looking Forward

Last week, I showed you the graduation cards I was making for my favorite members of the Class of 2012. After walking through a simple how-to tour of my work, I held off on revealing the final product. Not trying to be coy, or build suspense - I just wanted to be sure that the recipients saw their own cards before I posted pictures online. 

Well, wait no more. The real cards are now in the hands of the graduates and I am ready to show all. 

{If you want to see the first stages of this project, check out this post. In a nutshell, I made little accordion books, with foldy pages, ribbon ties, and decorated covers. On the pages, I collaged black and white photographs, and then wrote each graduate's name in bright letters.}

Inside each card, at the end of the recipient's name, I placed a little folded bit of paper. Inside, on a scrap of fresh white, I wrote a short note of congratulations..

Then I tucked a folded bill on top of the note, and folded up the sides..

And fastened the top layer with a little sticker. For the girls' cards, I used these shiny flowers. Boys, as you will see, got stars.

So here is the inside of the completely completed card:

Then it was a simple matter of tying up the ribbon and voilá! All done.

I really enjoy making cards like this for several reasons:

  • Although essentially they are just little cards, with the ribbons tied up, they appear to be a tiny gift. I like their somewhat mysterious appearance.
  • There's something special about our names. No matter how old or cool or accomplished we are, it always feels good when we see or hear our names.
  • I can use an assembly line process to crank out a bunch of basically similar cards, and then employ little finishing touches to make each one unique. As you can see, these cards are structurally alike but personalized with the names, as well as the colors, papers, size and details. 

In that respect, the cards are just like the people who received them. Each one of these graduates is a member of the Class of 2012, fulfilling pretty much the same requirements, wearing the same style of cap and gown, and basking in the pride of their family and friends. 

But at the same time, Susanna, Dakota, Nick and Thomas, plus all the other graduates in my life, are one of a kind. I am individually proud of each one of them, impressed with their accomplishments, and totally confident that they will build interesting and amazing lives for themselves. 

I'm looking forward to seeing how their lives unfold.

* * * * *

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