Monday, March 19, 2012

Voodoo Snowflakes

It snowed again last night.

I am just so amused by that. 

Seems that every time I turn around lately, folks are talking about how sick and tired they are of this lingering winter weather, and how desperately ready they are for spring to show up in full force. Now don't get me wrong - I wouldn't be mad if we got some sunshine and temperatures over 10˚C. But maybe it's the skier in me that is perfectly content to let winter ramble on for a few more weeks.

However, it's recently occurred to me that I may be jinxing things. Remember all the snowflake garlands that festooned my house during the holidays? Here's a tiny peek, just to jog your memory.

Yeah, I still have a few of these guys hanging around. Maybe, just maybe, my artificial snowfall is causing Mother Nature to get her signals crossed. If so, this stalled season change may be all my fault and I better do something to fix it. 

So today is the day to tuck away those last few white beauties till next year, and break out some new spring-y garlands to take their place and herald a bold, new, sunnier and warmer day.

You know what that I go to Pinterest in search of inspiration. Here are some ideas that get my imagination turning:

marie claire idées
Tante Tin
Martha Stewart Weddings 
Hambly Screen Prints
Oh Happy Day!
royalbuffet on Etsy
Party Poms on Etsy
SARAH NIELSEN * Book Bound Bindery
3GIRLSandagoat on Etsy
Paper Shop Ink
Prudent Baby
Wedding To Be
Miko Design

My plan is to pick one of these happy ideas and implement as soon as possible, before the citizens of Seattle storm through the front door and destroy my white talismans of winter, once and for all. I'll keep you posted.

* * * * *

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