Thursday, February 4, 2021

Nayli’s Gifts
Nayli and I share a passion for flower drawings, pretty handwriting, and homespun gift wraps. And as soon as I opened her package, I knew I was in for a treat. 

"I've sent a gift for you. I hope you'll like it!"

What could be better than a long-distance surprise package from a special friend.
Look how adorable. I enjoyed these little gifts just like this for a full 12 hours 
before I could bear to open them. 

And I do mean long distance. This little parcel had traveled from Manchester, England on its way to my door.
What could be cuter than bakers' twine and white tissue paper?

And I definitely mean special friend. Nayli and I first met when I visited her family's home in Havana, Cuba - she's Malaysian, I'm American - and our considerable age difference did not prevent us from recognizing each other as kindred spirits.
Oh, right. Bakers' twine, white tissue paper AND red polka dot washi tape!!

Four years later, our friendship is well established. We've walked together as her family left Cuba and returned to Kuala Lumpur, through her years at the University of Manchester, and will definitely take another international turn as she graduates this spring and finds a new adventure in her life.
Here are all my gifts from Nayli (clockwise from top): 

a trio of mini handmade postcards
green and yellow present-shaped eraser
felted bee key chain (which is a play on the "Be You" art I sent her last summer)
Santa-shaped eraser
tin of lip balm
and the most intricately detailed and adorable little collage of a flower bouquet.

Whatever happens to Nayli next, I'm happily certain that we will share more of our lives together, and most likely exchange more cute little gifts along the way. 

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